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Levels of Learning

  • Each level has pre-defined fee structure, syllabus for theory as well as for practical lessons.

  • Every level has 2 sub-levels - L1 & L2. 

  • New students with no prior learning of Bharatanatyam will start at BEGINNER L1 Level.

  • Trial class is not offered by the dance school - both for new / experienced students but signing up for a trial month is suggested.

  • New admission - Parents / Students are required to set up an appointment with the Teacher before visiting any dance location. 

  • Students, who have prior learning experience, are required to meet the teacher for a quick evaluation. Based on the evaluation, batch assignment & schedule shall be decided.

  • Exams are held once a year to -

    • Help the student reflect on the syllabus at each sub-level

    • Help the teacher evaluate each student's individual progress

  • The dance exams will be invigilated by the Founder-Director - Guru Smt. Padmini Radhakrishnan & Artistic Director - Smt. Gomathi Manoj.

  • On successful completion of the exam after every sub-level, a Certificate of Achievement is awarded to the student.