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SNK 6th Year Anniversary - 2021

SNK Annual Day - Natya Samarpana 2020

SNK Senior batch - class in session

Solo Presentation - Gomathi Manoj

New Jersey, USA (Dec 2020)

Student Presentations on Lord Ganesha

New Jersey, USA (Feb 2020)

Annual Day Thematic Presentation - 'Sarvam Krishna Mayam'

Natya Samarpana 2020

New Jersey, USA (Feb 2020)

SNK in 2019 - A year in Review

Glimpses of 2019 Performances

New Jersey USA

SNK in 2018 - A year in Review

Glimpses of 2018 Performances

New Jersey USA

IndianRaga Pop Thillana - Bharatanatyam Cover

RagaLabs Princeton

New Jersey USA (Sept 2018)

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