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Parent & Student Testimonials

2019 Testimonials

"Gomathi m’am is one of the finest  classical dance teachers I have met in the US . She is very patient, calm and disciplined in her teaching. I have seen my daughters dance improve tremendously in a span of a year .


The best thing I hear from my daughter is she loves Bharatnatyam , and that to me is a blessing especially given the classical nature of this dance form . Kudos to Gomathi m’am for instilling this excitement for dance . I was also privileged to attend the school recital, words would do no justice to describe how beautiful each and every performances were . My heartfelt gratitude to Ms Gomathi , her teacher and everyone who make this beautiful dance school and the art they teach the kids possible !"

- Sweta Asnotkar (SNK parent)
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"My daughter has been learning Bharatanatyam at SNK under Guru Smt Gomathi Manoj for 3+ years and we are very happy with the training and knowledge she has acquired. The classes are organized into levels and the children and teacher's hard work really shows through their progression.


Apart from learning the dance form, children learn discipline, commitment, and Indian culture. Children also get the opportunity to perform at various events and competitions, which helps them hone their dance skills."

- Divya Sripadham (SNK parent)

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"My daughter has been learning from Mrs.Gomathi for the last 3 years and she likes it a lot. Gomathi is a very dedicated and passionate teacher and her classes are very organized and structured.  She is very good in teaching both the theory and the dance. She takes extra efforts in making sure kids practise well by giving them practise logs to be filled in and thereby it becomes a part of their routine. She is constantly looking for improvements in her teaching methods/class structure. You can see her passion and dedication in all the events that she conducts and also from the performances. I am glad that I found her for my daughter."

- Geetha Krishnamurthy (SNK parent)

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